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Shoulder Cartilage Repair


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Shoulder Cartilage Repair

Each year there are millions of people who suffer from shoulder osteoarthritis. Shoulder Cartilage Repair is the solution for those suffering from an injury due to athletic wear and tear over time.

If you are enduring constant joint pain, you are not alone. There are 50 million people who complain about joint pain, and a huge proportion of them are due to damage to articular cartilage. Unlike other areas of your body’s cartilage, even shoulder joints can wear and tear. The arthritic development can be due to genetic osteoarthritis of shoulder injuries like dislocations or overuse. Minor cartilage injuries could be revived over time within a few weeks, while more severe cartilage damage may require surgery. 

If you require treatment or surgery, Apex Surgeons, Shoulder Cartilage Surgery option is available to you. 

What are the causes of Shoulder Cartilage Damage?

The causes of Shoulder Cartilage Damage could be many, including:

  • Injury from fall or stress on the shoulder
  • Overuse during sports activities
  • Wear and tear over time. 
  • Forceful overhead movements 

What are the Symptoms of Shoulder Cartilage Damage?

  • Constant Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Reduced Mobility
  • Popping sound
  • Clicking and grinding sounds in joints 

What are remedies for Shoulder Cartilage Repair?

Sometimes the symptoms are mild and can be treated with non-surgical treatments like cold compression, heat therapy, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medication, rest, reduced activity, and much more. However, these are for minor cases, while Shoulder Cartilage Repair Surgery is the solution for severe cases. 

What are the treatments available for Shoulder Cartilage Repair?

At Apex Surgeon, we provide Shoulder Cartilage Repair Surgery and minimal incision that allows for faster recovery time. As per the degree of damage, our experts would recommend the most appropriate surgical and non-surgical methods. Age, symptoms, severity and health of your ligaments and tissues aggravate the treatment procedures. Our multidisciplinary team would be able to provide the best solutions as per your right condition. 

Shoulder Cartilage Repair has been proven effective for those with osteoarthritis and other types of joint surface damage. However, not every time you need surgery or invasive treatment. To find out the cartilage restoration method that works best for you, Call us now – (480) 939-6006 or more information enquire us at referrals@apexsurgeryasc.com