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A hip fracture is a serious injury that can cause long-term disability. Recovery from a broken hip requires a lot of time and patience. Depending on the severity of the injury, recovery can take several months to a year. The first few weeks after the injury are critical. During this time, the focus is on reducing pain and swelling and preventing complications. Once the initial healing is complete, rehabilitation can begin. Rehabilitation is an important part of recovery from a hip fracture. It helps improve mobility, strength, and function. The goal of rehabilitation is to help the person return to their previous activity level as soon as possible.

Falls and Slips are the most common causes of Hip Fractures. A Hip Fracture Treatment encompasses acute hospital stay and possibly surgery in most cases. As per the complexity and severity of conditions, at Apex Surgeons, we provide numerous surgical options, including:

  • The ball and socket of the hip are replaced with prosthetic elements in a full hip replacement.
  • Pieces of the ball or socket of the hip are replaced with prosthetic parts in partial hip replacement.
  • Metal screws are inserted to hold the bones together while the fracture heals.

At Apex Surgeons, we are renowned experts utilizing the best treatment plans and innovative technologies to evaluate and repair the damage. We have state-of-art equipment and the latest approaches to diagnose, treat and help you recover from a hip fracture. We offer comprehensive care and treatment to restore and preserve natural functioning to enable you to live your full and active life. We have an experienced team of specialists who can treat various conditions, from minor to most debilitating ones. 

Our team will walk you through the treatment procedure of Hip Fracture treatment. From initial assessment, diagnosing, treatment and monitoring, we handle everything in one place. We understand the cause of Hip Fracture may vary from person to person, and so are the recovery and healing aspects. We provide you with customized and comprehensive care for your Hip Fracture with comprehensive treatment plans that would revolve around your speedy and best recovery. 

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