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Back Surgery Clinics Arizona

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Back pain is one of the worst things that you can deal with in life. While some people laugh about it and tell you to walk it off, that pain can become so bad that it stops you from doing all the things that you did before. You might notice a slight twinge after spending hours on your feet or find that you have a debilitating type of pain that knocks you off your feet. At Apex Surgeons, we can go over the different types of back surgery procedures that are available and treat your back pain.

What Causes Back Pain?

It’s important that you look at the different types of back pain and its causes to find out what surgeries are right for you. There are dozens of reasons why you might have some minor pain, including a pulled muscle or muscle strain. Sciatica is a common disorder that affects the sciatic nerve, which runs through the back and leg. This type of pain often shoots from one area to another. Arthritis and osteoporosis can also cause back pain. You may suffer from scoliosis, too. This condition occurs when your spine has a mild or sharp curve.

Back Pain Treatments Arizona

The best and right treatments for your back pain often depends on the severity of your pain and any underlying conditions that you have. You can treat mild to moderate pain at home. A heating pad set to a low temperature and applied to the painful spot for 15 to 30 minutes at a time can provide some relief. If you have pain along with inflammation, you can use an ice pad for the same amount of time. Over the counter medications can also help.

Many patients also try back therapy before they opt for back surgery. Physical therapy can help those diagnosed with certain conditions. You use stretches and other exercises to improve your flexibility and posture. Some patients use TENS and similar machines that apply pressure to different spots along the spine to reduce pain. Doctors can use treatments that inject a needle into one of your nerves. The doctor then uses an electrical current to stimulate the nerve. You can also choose nerve blockers that block the pain receptors in your back.

Another option is spinal cord stimulation. Also known as neurostimulation therapy, it uses both a generator and electrodes. The doctor places the electrodes on your spine and connects them to the generator, which produces a current to stimulate your nerves. You may have the option of using the generator at home to continue working on your pain. It usually takes less than an hour to complete one of these sessions.

Types of Back Surgeries

Back surgery specialists can help you learn more about your surgical options and choose the best one to treat your pain and other symptoms. Microdiscectomy is a procedure that provides relief to those suffering from a herniated disc. A herniated disc causes both pressure and pain that can radiate along your back and move through your neck. The back care surgeon will use a small incision around the affected area and remove any damaged tissue through that incision. Surgeons use small tubes that allow them to reach the tissue without making a larger cut.

With a laminectomy, you can get help with both back and neck pain. You typically opt for this procedure if you have a bone spur or a similar condition that causes your pain. It can also help if you have a failed back surgery symptom such as intense pain after surgery done by another doctor. There are also fusions that can help you with different types of pain.

If the surgeon determines that you need a lumbar fusion, they will often take a section of bone from a healthy part of your body and graft it onto the bones in your spine. Surgeons can also use metal plates in place of a bone graft. The surgeon finds the damaged vertebrae in your back and makes an incision to access that area. They will then attach the plate or bone and fuse it to the bone.

Recovering After Surgery

The back care guide that you get from our surgeons in Arizona will go over everything that you need to do at home to care for after your back surgery. You generally need to spend as much time as possible resting at home. We recommend that you avoid most physical activities, especially those that cause more pain. This may include playing with your kids or cleaning around the house. Many of our patients find that they sleep more than they did before. You might sleep 10 to 12 hours a night until you heal from the procedure.

Once you feel comfortable enough to engage in physical activity, keep things as simple as possible. If you usually go for long runs, you’ll want to start with short walks and slowly work your way up to longer trips. You might walk to the mailbox or the end of the driveway and then increase your trip to a walk to the end of the block before taking a walk around the block. It’s helpful to take a friend or loved one with you in case you need help getting home. We recommend that you take the pain relief medications that we send home with you, too.

Recover from Your Pain

One thing that patients often don’t realize is that joint and nerve pain doesn’t follow a set schedule. Sciatica pain can worsen when you spend the day playing outside but can also worsen if you spend the day watching television on the couch. Not all patients experience the same symptoms either. Even if you and a loved one have the same condition, you may find that you have more pain than they do. Our pain management surgeons can help you learn how to do more than just cope with your pain. They offer surgical procedures designed to eliminate your pain, too.

Choose Apex Surgeons

At Apex Surgeons, we understand the havoc that back pain can wreak on your life. Not only can it limit when you do with your family and friends, but it can cause you to take more time off work than you wanted and lose out on the money that you need. Our back surgery specialists have years of experience helping patients struggling with the same conditions and symptoms as you. They can go over all of the possible back pain treatments that are available and suggest procedures that are less invasive. You’ll also get help choosing from your surgical options and scheduling your procedure. Call our office today to learn how a back pain surgeon can help you with your back pain. (480) 939-6006 or more information enquire us at referrals@apexsurgeryasc.com