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Best Surgery in Arizona

Deliver cutting edge treatments in state-of-the-art facilities by the most highly trained board-certified physicians in the state of Arizona.

Best Surgery in Arizona

Best Spinal Surgeon & Multidisciplinary Team of Specialists

Our specialized advanced imaging technologies and diagnostic tools supported by the Best Orthopedic surgeons in Arizona can deliver care and appropriate treatment for patients. We offer a comprehensive multidisciplinary pathway for knee replacement, hip replacement, back surgery, spine surgery, etc. 
Our Surgery Specialists provide minimally invasive techniques and modern solutions to improve the outcomes and enhance wellbeing. Our team strives to provide optimal care for your treatment. At our clinic, we have a team of experts who have mastered their industry, including knee surgeons, radiologists, pain management experts, therapists, and highly trained nurses. Our team ensures you receive optimal care for your treatment. As Best Surgeons in Arizona, we provide numerous state-of-art treatments, including:

Spine surgery: Back Pain could be due to muscular, neurological, or mechanical problems. At Apex Surgeons talented group of physical therapists and experienced Spine Surgery Specialist provides customized care plans for each unique spine and pain disorders treatments associated with the back and neck.
Knee Replacement: Knee injuries could be due to multiple problems, including trauma, wear and tear, poor biomechanics, muscle imbalances, and more. Our expert Knee Replacement Surgery in Arizona Can reduce your knee pain, improve joint function and improve mobility with the latest and best treatment possible. 
Hip Replacement: Hip replacement can be addressed due to hip pain, stiffness, avascular necrosis, or other damage. Our multidisciplinary clinic combines expert board-certified surgeons and interventional pain management specialists that strive to provide minimally invasive spine techniques and faster recovery. 
Our high-performance minimal invasive methods and cutting-edge surgical technology give the best outcomes so patients can return to their full activity. Our Best Orthopedic Surgeons In Arizona provide you the optimal care and treatment you need to live the life you want.

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Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery

As You Age, It is Common That Your Joints Start to Pop and Creak As You Move. You Probably Are Much More Sore Than When You Were Younger After Physical Activities. Apex Surgeons Can Help Your Body Feel Good Again.


Back Surgery

The Best and Right Treatments For Your Back Pain Often Depend On The Severity Of The Pain and Any Underlying Conditions. 

Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

Joints Weaken Through Time That Cause Pain and Inflammation. This Could Result To Requiring Knee Replacement Surgery In Order To Get Back To Normal. 

Best Hip Replacement Surgery in Arizona

Hip Replacement

As you age, you expect to hear your joints pop and creak as you move.  Apex Surgeons can help you recover from that pain and keep it from interfering with your life
Best Orthopedic Surgeon In Arizona

Orthopedic Surgery

This Type of Surgery Focuses On The Treatment Of The  Musculoskeletal System Which Includes The Nerves, Bones, Muscles, and Ligaments. 

Best Surgery in Arizona

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Provide fast acting and long lasting pain relief to our patients.  We know our patients are suffering and it’s our mission to knock your pain out as quickly as possible so you can get back to the important stuff in life!

Deliver cutting edge treatments in state-of-the-art facilities by the most highly trained board certified physicians in the state of Arizona. 

Apex Surgeons strives for seamless coordination of your care with other top professionals in the community to take advantage of a superior multidisciplinary approach to your treatment.

Always treat our patients with respect and provide a concierge level of professionalism and treatment without the concierge price tag.  Although routine medication refills and follow-up visits may be performed by a mid-level provider, your Apex Surgeons customized treatment plan and procedures will always be managed by a pain specialist doctor.  Most pain management facilities cannot provide Apex Surgeon’s personal level of care.  We believe you deserve the highest level of treatment every time you visit a Apex Surgeons facility.

Best Surgery in Arizona
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Andy Truong

“Dear Dr. Thomas. I want to say thank you a million to you and your wonderful staff!!!! For the first time in over 3 years I have finally got a great night sleep waking up with no neck pain and I feel fantastic!!!! My quality of sleep is back thanks to the pain injection on January 19. You are an amazing doctor. Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!”

Eva Segerdahl

“My pain level has dropped from 8/10 to 2/10. The service is great. So happy we found Dr Kendrick and his team”


Aaron Morgan

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me and wife! We were in a car accident and through your care we were able to completely recover from our injuries!! You can also catch my story on the website! Thank you!!”


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