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Ankle Sprain Treatment


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Ankle Sprain Treatment

Ankle sprains are common and associated with athletic injuries or high-heeled shoes. If you have played sports while exercising or even taken a tumble, you might have suffered from Ankle Sprain. There is no particular parameter for Ankle Sprain Injuries; it can happen to anyone, even kids, teens, or adults. Ankles are simple hinges or joints that endure complex movement and absorb forces upto five times more than that of body weight. No matter the root cause of it, Apex Surgeon in Arizona, has specialist knowledge and expertise to treat problems associated with the foot and ankle area. 

Ankle Sprain - Common Symptoms

Some of the symptoms might include:

  • Inability to sustain weight on the affected ankle 
  • Mild to Severe ankle pain 
  • Swelling and inflammation 
  • Reduced range of motion 
  • Popping sound during the injury 
  • Instability of ankle and more. 

Anatomy of Ankle Injury Treatment

Ligaments are designed to stabilize the ankle and help in controlled movement. A sprained ankle is the result of a stretch or tear of ligaments beyond its limit, which could be caused due to poor landing or twisting or jerking on foot. The tear of ligaments can cause dysfunction due to inflammation, swelling, and bruising in that area. Overlooking the symptoms and minor issues can lead to major surgery. At Apex Surgeons Ankle Injury Treatment, our specialists help to get back on your feet so you can return to normal regimens.

How To Care For A Sprained Ankle

Sprained Ankles could be due to numerous causes. However, the treatment could be designed as per the intensity and severity of the injury. Swelling, bruising, instability, weakness, tenderness, and limited range of motion are some of the factors that elicit something wrong with a sprain, and you need an Ankle Sprain treatment. If you are dealing with an ankle injury, ensure a specialist doctor evaluates you at Apex Surgeons.

How To Prevent Common Ankle Sprain Injuries

Our doctors at Apex Surgeons say many injuries related to Ankle sprains are preventable while some are happenstance. Prevention is possible:

  • Appropriate Shoe structure and level of support
  • Warmup regimen
  • Learn right techniques 
  • Proper Nutrition 
  • Overuse or Over-stressing muscles
  • Avoid risky situations

What do Apex Surgeon therapists do for you?

A detailed examination by our therapists would diagnose a sprained ankle and understand its associated odds to provide you with an effective Ankle sprain recovery. It could be fracture, dislocation, or other; the severity may be graded as:

Grade 1 Sprain – Slight stretching and minor damages to a ligament. 

Grade 2 Sprain – Partial tearing of a ligament. 

Grade 3 Sprain – Tear of ligament leading to instability. 

As per the severity and complexity, Ankle sprain recovery can be determined. Our experts will establish a treatment and rehabilitation plan that will help you regain your mobility as soon as possible.

At Apex Surgeon, we help with ankle sprains injury treatment backed by our multidisciplinary team would put their best efforts and ensure that your joint heals appropriately and you can regain back into your activities. 

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