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Safe and Effective Hip Pain Treatment


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Safe and Effective Hip Pain Treatment

The large muscle surrounding the joint, hip, enables movement. The complex structure has about twenty different muscles that contribute to moving, sitting, changing directions and walking. The ball and socket structure carries a lot of weight and endures push, jerks and even stress on it. Since they are constantly used, they are prone to bursting (inflammation), sprains, hip labral tear, tendonitis and much more. There are millions of people experiencing some or other sort of pain related to hip and knee osteoarthritis and choose Hip Pain Treatment. 

Over age, wear and tear, the strong join is prevalent to hold a firm grip. Women tend to have more hip pain compared to men; the reason is still puzzling. Instead of undergoing Hip Pain Treatment, people often neglect the adversity. Hip pain can manifest in many places; it starts from the joint and radiates towards the thigh, and travels down to the leg, which could worsen the situation. A Hip Pain Treatment can carefully assess the situation, perform mandatory tests and help you treat the dysfunction. 

Symptoms, Causes and Hip Pain Treatment

The complicated structure of the hip is collective to many nerves and bones. Stress, pinching or abnormality in either of the structure or nerve can cause hip joint pain. Sometimes the painful condition could be due to bursitis that is cushioning in bones, tendons and muscles. Hip Bursitis Treatment includes resting the joint and protecting it from further traumas and stress. The pain can be mild to severe, temporary to recurring, depending upon the condition and severity. Some of the common causes of hip pain include:

  • Arthritis 
  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • Labral tears
  • Sprain 
  • Stain 
  • Fracture 
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis 
  • Sciatica
  • Bone deformity 
  • Wore down cushioning cartilage 
  • Cancers
  • Gaucher’s disease
  • Hematoma 
  • Avascular necrosis


As per the Symptoms, complexity and intensity, our doctors can help you with Hip Pain Treatment that addresses its issues. 

  • Hip pain 
  • Groin Pain 
  • Stiffness 
  • Swelling and Tenderness 
  • Pain radiating to associated parts 

How to get Hip Pain Relief or Hip Pain Treatment?

You might be thrown with various suggestions, including DIY and home remedies, for Hip Pain Treatment. We agree that some Hip Pain Treatment can be cured at home and needs some precautionary steps, while others require assessment from a doctor. Rest is the optimal solution for Hip Strain Treatment supplemented with a few medications. A hip physical examination should be done to check the range of motion and mobility. Surgery is essential when a person has the severity of a condition like a bone break, inguinal hernia, hip labral tear, septic arthritis, pinched nerve and much more. 

If home treatments and over-the-counter medications work temporarily, you should not ignore them and schedule an appointment with a doctor at Apex Surgeons. 

With highly trained and experienced surgeons, Apex Surgeons provides advanced and comprehensive treatment options that foster a person’s mobility and well-being. We have performed numerous surgeries and provide minimally invasive surgical procedures to treat Hip pain. In addition, our award-winning medical expert team provide the latest and technologically advanced treatment that provides long-lasting hip pain relief. 

At Apex Surgeons, our highly trained staff and multidisciplinary team are available to assist. Our interventional pain experts offer a variety of minimally invasive hip pain therapies because they know the extensive impacts of persistent hip pain. You take a step toward regaining your independence and returning to the things you’ve been avoiding because of your chronic pain when you make an appointment at Apex Surgeons.