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For many people, back pain is more than just an annoyance that they can forget about with a few medications. Their back pain is so intense that it keeps them from living their best lives. You might find that you can no longer play with your kids or grandkids and that you have to give up on some of your favorite activities due to your pain. There is no reason why you should keep struggling with back pain. At Apex Surgery Arizona, you can work with a leading Arizona spine surgeon to escape your back pain and take back your life.

Types of Spine Surgery

The patients who work with us have the chance to learn more about our procedures and get help choosing which one will treat their back pain. One option is microdiscectomy, which reduces pressure on a nerve affected by a herniated disc. This is a common procedure used in the treatment of sciatica pain, too. Sciatica pain causes both numbness and tingling and can affect your legs along with your back. With this procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision in your back and uses tubes inserted into the nerve to remove the inflamed tissue.

Another type of surgery that can bring you some relief is a laminectomy. This helps patients struggling with back pain that may affect the neck. Though you may opt for general anesthesia that lets you sleep during your surgery, you can also get spinal anesthesia that leaves you awake and alert. The surgeon uses an incision to access the injured vertebra and then opens the surrounding muscles. This allows the surgeon to remove bone spurs and any other problems that cause your pain. If you need a spinal fusion, you can often have both procedures done at the same time.

Cervical Fusions

You may opt for a cervical or lumbar fusion. With a cervical fusion, the surgeon fuses multiple bones in the back. It may involve a bone graft, which requires that the surgeon remove a portion of a bone from another part of your body to use on your back. Metal plates can take the place of the bone graft. Often made from titanium, the plates can hold two vertebrae together until a new bone grows in its place. The metal plate can also replace any bones that the surgeon removed. A lumbar fusion is a similar procedure that can replace certain bones and help with your back pain. Surgeons often recommend this procedure for patients suffering from degenerative back conditions.

There is also a procedure called anterior cervical discectomy and fusion ACDF that you can choose. Often called just ACDF, surgeons use it as a way to treat the pain caused by a damaged disc. When you have a compressed nerve, pressure on the nerve causes pain that affects one or more discs. It can also cause muscle weakness and a tingling sensation that worsens with time. This procedure consists of surgery to remove the damaged disc. During the surgery, the doctor will use a metal plate or bone graft to join the vertebrae.

Before and During Your Surgery

No matter which of the spine surgery procedures you choose, you probably want to know what to expect both before and during your surgery. You need to arrive before your scheduled time to fill out paperwork and change into a medical gown. If needed, a nurse will place an IV in your arm that allows you to get the anesthesia required for your surgery. Some procedures allow you to remain alert and may only require a small injection that you before ahead of time. We may need to shave and clean your back to give the surgeon easy access. You will also need to lay down on the gurney. Depending on the procedure, you can either lay down on your stomach or side.

After Your Spine Surgery Procedure

Most of our patients find that they feel some pain when they first wake up, which we treat with medications. We apply a sterile band to protect the surgical site and keep a watchful eye over your recovery. You usually need to spend at least one night in the hospital, but we may recommend that you spend two days or longer until we feel confident that you can return home. Most patients find that they feel strong enough to get up and walk around within a few hours of their procedures. Once you recover from your surgery, you can head home.

Benefits of Spine Surgery

Looking at the benefits of working with a spine surgeon in Arizona shows you why you should schedule a consultation as soon as possible. Many patients struggle with sciatica, which is a type of pain that affects the sciatic nerve that runs through your back and lower body. Though the pain can come and go, it puts so much pressure on your back that you may find it impossible to do some of your favorite things. With the right surgery, you can get back to living your life and engaging in all of your favorite activities again. As we offer minimally invasive surgical options, you’ll find that you face a short recovery time. Not only can you start walking and moving the same night as your procedure, but it takes less time before you can head back to work.

Why Choose Us?

At Apex Surgery Arizona, we are the top choice for minimally invasive procedures among patients across the state. We provide the caring faces and knowledgeable surgeons who you want working for you. No matter what type of pain you experience, we offer the right pain solutions for you. You no longer need to rely on prescription or over the counter medications to get through the day and spend hours with an ice pack or heating pad. Our procedures help you recover from back pain and get on your feet again. Call us now (480) 939-6006 or more information enquire us at referrals@apexsurgeryasc.com schedule a consultation to find the best solution for your back pain and for answers to all of your questions.