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Knee Replacement Surgery in Arizona


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Knee Replacement Surgery in Arizona Apex Surgeons
Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Surgery in Arizona

Knee pain is something that affects both men and women along with people of all ages. It can range from a small amount of pain that you feel after going for a run to an intense pain that occurs when you don’t engage in physical activity. At Apex Surgeons, we know that you likely have questions and concerns about your pain. You’ll likely have questions about whether you need knee replacement surgery and what it entails, too. We can help you learn more about the procedures and decide when to schedule your surgery.

Causes of Knee Replacement

One of the big questions that patients have is what caused their knee pain. The causes often include some type of medical condition such as gout or arthritis. Both conditions cause inflammation and pain that affect the knee joint. Arthritis can even cause more pain due to the weather outside. We also see patients who suffer from joint infections that worsen and require a replacement. When you choose us, we’ll take x-rays and do exams to determine the cause of your pain and help you decide whether replacement is the best option for you.

Common Symptoms

Before talking to one of our knee replacement surgeons in Arizona, consider the symptoms that you experience and write them down. It’s helpful to talk with your surgeon about those symptoms to make sure that you’re a good candidate for the surgery. You might notice some swelling in and around the joint due to a knee infection. This can also cause some stiffness that affects how you walk and stand. You may hear popping noises that come from the joint when you move and notice that the knee feels warm to the touch. Other symptoms can include the knee popping out of place or locking up.

When to See a Surgeon

We recommend that you contact us when you experience a few things such as pain that worsens with time. If you have a degenerative form of arthritis that causes the joints to weaken, you should also contact us. This can create a sensation that feels as if your bones are rubbing against each other. You’ll also want to contact our office if another doctor told you that you needed knee surgery for any reason and you put it off or you had surgery before and still feel some pain.

Knee Procedures

One of the procedures that can reduce your pain and other symptoms is knee arthroplasty. The surgeon will make an incision on the top or side of the knee to access the joint. They will then remove any portions of the knee that show signs of damage, usually focusing on the bones. The use of a prosthesis is the next step. A prosthesis is a piece designed to replace those bones and give you a better range of motion. It requires surgical cement, which helps it bond with the remaining knee and leg bone.

Another procedure that can help those suffering from arthritis is knee viscosupplementation. This is less invasive and is a good option for those who don’t want to deal with a long recovery time. It uses a type of gel that naturally exists in the human knee joint. The surgeon will first aspirate the joint to remove any excess fluids from your knee joint. They will then use a new syringe to inject the gel into the knee. Not only does it provide more lubrication to the joint, but it also absorbs some of the shocks that you feel when moving.

Preparation and Aftercare

Knee replacement surgeons in Arizona can help you prepare for your procedure and make sure that you know what to do at home. You usually don’t need to do much to prepare for the procedure. We recommend that you get your home ready as you’ll have a hard time climbing stairs and walking around your house. You will also want to avoid eating and drinking before you arrive. During your last appointment before the procedure, we’ll send you home with a packet that shows you what you can and cannot do.

When you arrive at the facility, we’ll give you papers that you need to sign and provide you with a gown. You will receive some type of anesthesia that lets you sleep while the surgeon works. Some procedures use general anesthesia that keeps you awake. We will then send you to a recovery room and keep an eye on you for several hours. As you recover from knee replacement surgery, you need to spend a minimum of several days in the hospital. This gives you the chance to begin physical therapy and see what you feel comfortable doing with your new knee.

Though you can go home after getting a total knee replacement, you’ll want to limit your activities to give the joint time to heal. We still encourage you to get some exercise as this improves blood flow to the joint and helps with healing. You need to use caution at home and when you leave the house. Something as simple as tripping over a loose carpet or slipping on a wet floor can seriously damage your knee. You also need to keep an eye on the complications and risks of knee replacement to know when to contact us for more help.

Replace Your Knee

The odds are good that you’ll experience some knee pain and related symptoms as you age. You may need to replace your knee joint because you led an active lifestyle and played sports for many years. Some patients need knee surgery procedures because they led sedentary lifestyles and/or suffer from arthritis and other medical conditions. Talking to orthopedic surgeons will help you discuss your pain and other symptoms to find out about the treatments that can help you. You can also learn more about recovery and aftercare steps to follow at home. If you’re ready to talk about the different types of surgeries for knee pain, Call us now – (480) 939-6006 or more information enquire us at referrals@apexsurgeryasc.com