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Best Orthopedic Hand Surgeon Specialists in Arizona

Best Orthopedic Hand Surgeon Specialists in Arizona

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You have tumbled down the stairs and your hand got compressed, but you aren’t sure if it is a sprain or a fracture. Unlike the foot and ankle, even hands are prone to get sprain and abrupt spasmodic pain. Falls, accidents, trauma, and slips can lead to fractures, sprain, and minor injuries accompanied by intense pain. A Hand Surgeon Specialists, at Apex Surgeons Arizona can help you determine the problems and best solutions associated with them. No matter the issues, getting early treatment for severe injuries can save you from the pain and help regain your mobility. 

Sprain vs Fracture

Sprain and fractures can have the same symptoms – pain, and swelling which make it difficult to determine which one is enduring or suffering from. 

A fracture is when you break your bone while a sprain is a soft tissue injury. Sprained pain is accompanied due to the ligaments and joints either stretching extensively or tearing down muscles and tendons. However, this soft tissue injury is often accompanied by a painful procedure that lasts for a week or more till the body regains its structure back. On other hand, fracture pain is unbearable and lasts for a longer time, and does not show any symptoms to lower the pain. No matter the situation, a fracture or sprain on the hand can hinder the daily regimen and mobility. The Best Hand Surgeon can help you improve your quality of life through personalized care and focusing on the best treatment. 

Sprains can be mild or severe as per the stress and dent it has endured. The symptoms include:

  • Pain 
  • Swelling 
  • Bruising 
  • Trouble moving the injured area
  • Popping sound 

As per Hand Surgeon Specialists, mild to moderate sprains could be treated with rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories. Occasionally sprains could be healed and do not require surgery. But if the pain persists, you need to visit the Apex Surgeons Arizona specialists. 

Fractures could be due to deformity. When you break your bone, the first symptom you would notice is immediate pain surrounding the area you are injured. Fractures are often involved with some kind of trauma, car accidents, and major falls. Some telltale signs of fractures include:

  • Deformity of the limb 
  • Inability to put weight on the injury 
  • Audible crunching sound
  • Swelling and bruising 

For fractures, a Hand Surgery doctor might suggest a proper treatment as per your MRI or CAT scan to gauge the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Though sprains and fractures are different but yet they have the same symptoms, it is important to get medical treatment and undergo surgery if possible. 

How Can Apex Surgeons Help Best Hand Specialists?

If a broken bone or sprain causes a lot of discomfort or bone is piercing your skin, you need immediate medical attention from Best Hand Specialists at Apex Surgeons. We have numerous treatment options that help you regain your mobility and the severity of bone brokenness. To know more about us, Call us now – (480) 939-6006 or more information enquire us at referrals@apexsurgeryasc.com